At Delta Networks, Our Goal is simple:

Give our partners the Value that will make
them successful and be Number One in
their business.

Our Strategy:

Be responsive and take full part in the
success of our ODM partner, and deliver
the right product, at the right time, at the
right price, and be flexible and easy to do
business with.

Delta Networks is dedicated to the ODM/OEM business with no gimmicks in doing branded business to compete with partners. We put together a dedicated team of designers, product managers, and production experts to work as part of our partners' own resources. Delta Networks is customer-focused and market-focused so that we can offer more value and innovation to our partners and improve our competitive advantage.
Cost Goals
Meeting the cost curve and the demands of the market is not only the job of our partners but it is also Delta Networks' job. We take a leading role in continuously driving costs to meet expectations and in proposing more effective design, better parts selection and component futures. Delta Networks has also implemented cost-saving measures such as Just-In-Time inventory management, procurement leveraging, and economies of scale to help ensure our unit pricing always stays competitive.
Vertical Integration
Delta Networks has the ability to make key networking and system components available in-house. Through vertical integration, Delta Networks can design-in critical components such as power supplies, fans, filters, magnetics, and fiber optic transceivers for more competitive pricing, speed, and flexibility.
Service and Support
Delta Networks has delivered an extensive amount of networking communication products worldwide. Behind the scenes of designing, manufacturing, and delivering our partners' products, there is a dedicated service and support team that assists our partners in managing important and complex project management tasks and provides manufacturing technical support. In addition, our global presence in North America, Europe, and Asia helps our partners communicate their needs to Delta Networks in the same time zone.
Technology and Quality

Delta Networks has focused on the networking and data communications technology and market segment for almost 20 years. In this time, we have developed a very comprehensive set of ODM/OEM design expertise and networking communications know-how such that we can promptly deliver the right products according to our partners' requirements, specifications, and product concept. Our R&D capability includes Ethernet LAN, Wireless LAN, Broadband Access, IP Telephony, Home Networking, and Metropolitan Area Networking.

Delta Networks puts great emphasis on achieving high manufacturing quality. Our quality concerns begin at the design level so that quality is designed into the products and into the production process. Delta Networks continuously looks for ways to improve quality by monitoring suppliers and production process technologies.
Time-to-Market and Time-to-Volume

Delta Networks understands that fast Time-to-Market is a basic requirement when choosing a partner. Only a partner specializing in networking communication products is able to quickly put together the right combination of technology features. Delta Networks' collection of networking core technology modules and adaptable design platforms form the key to fast development.

Together with Delta Networks high-volume manufacturing capability and capacity, our fast Time-to-Market also means quick Time-to-Volume for our partners to meet customer demands.